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Default PES 2010: Noutati

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (cunoscut si ca PES 2010) este urmatorul joc din seria PES produs de Konami pentru PC, PS3, PS2, PSP si Xbox360. Jocul a fost anuntat in 7 Aprilie 2009 si e posibil sa fie lansat pe data de 23 Octombrie 2009.
  • Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Data Lansarii: 23 Octombrie 2009
  • Disponibil pentru: PC,PS2,PS3, PSP, Xbox360,Mobile Phone
  • Website Oficial:
  • Gen: Sport

Primele detalii oficiale

Australia, April 7, 2009 - Konami today announced PES 2010, and boldly stated that it "will benefit from the most exhaustive raft of new features in the series' history, with every aspect of the game benefiting from key improvements." The game is coming on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PSP, PS2 and mobile phones this Australian Spring / American Autumn.

PES Productions, the Tokyo-based development team, is setting out to make this the most realistic football simulation available, with player feedback a key part of the process. "We have been monitoring feedback and comments on the progression of the PES series for some time now, and PES 2010 will see us implementing a great deal of the ideas players have been requesting," commented Naoya Hatsumi, Producer for PES Productions at Konami Digital Entertainment Japan. "We aim to make PES 2010 a more user-friendly, immediate experience that places the emphasis on getting straight into the gameplay for which the series is famed. PES 2010 will look better, will play better, and will recreate real football as closely as the current hardware will allow."

The team has expanded for development of PES 2010, with the creation of a number of dedicated departments focused on different aspects of the game, such as online. The key additions/changes to the game are:

* Gameplay: "PES 2010 focuses on enhancing the excitement of matches between players, making for a truly challenging experience that will constantly test the player. Intuitive zonal defending will cover spaces and players need to look constantly for new ways to attack. PES 2010 focuses on being a real football simulation, as it requires both strategic play and quick reactions, as in real life. In addition to key out-field elements, goalkeepers are more versatile and with abilities matching those of modern shot-stoppers. The game's referees have also been reworked, with smarter AI elements allowing them to make more balanced calls during matches."

* Improved Visuals: "PES 2010 has undergone a major visual revamp, with its celebrated player likenesses and animations now even closer to those of real-life players – including live player expressions to be depicted with an improved lighting system which differentiates between various conditions! Stadium detail is also massively improved, with the grass and other in-stadium elements finely depicted."

* All-new Animations and Moves: "Animations now dovetail into each other seamlessly, with dribbling and shots on goals worked into dribbling animations. More individual skills are also on show, including new flicks and tricks that have a definite showing on the way a game flows. Several elements have been completely reworked, with the dribbling, turning and kicking animations greatly enhanced, while there is a noticeable change in pace when a player passes a ball from a standing position than from within a run."

* Enhanced Master League: "Master League has been thoroughly renewed with the enhancement of managerial aspects, which enables users to enjoy managing a team for a longer career lifespan. Seen by many as a key contributor to the series' success, the Master League elements in PES 2010 have been bolstered by far-ranging and vital new additions, dedicated to enriching the mode."

* AI: "The Tokyo team has worked to improve the AI of the game, with Teamvision 2.0 implemented. Midfielders and defenders now work together to cover open space and close down attacks, meaning that cover can be provided for lower-ranked defenders. This also has the additional effect of removing soft goals, thus returning PES 2010 to its simulation roots. In terms of attacking, players can also now move several players (at) once, sending them into different areas, opening up more goal-scoring possibilities than ever before. As such, PES 2010 necessitates a new level of control from the player. Strategic thinking is as important as quick passing, but the new system greatly opens the way the player oversees control of the team. In free kick scenarios, for instance, players can now instigate the runs of the players awaiting the ball in the penalty area."

* Individual Play Characteristics: "In previous PES games, the team formation has determined the movements of the players. PES 2010 introduces a new system wherein the individual attacking and defending nature of the players is integral to the way they play. Each player enjoys unique AI tied into their best abilities, and is reflected in the actions of their team mates – i.e. if a player who is known to be a good crosser of the ball is in possession, more players will flood the penalty area to receive it. Similarly, if a player is known to be good with close control, defenders will work to cover their stronger side, while lone strikers will be automatically supported by midfielders on receipt of the ball."

* Strategy Use: "A new power gauge system allows users to balance their strategy in a quick, but wide-ranging way before a match. Every element – pass frequency, movement, the line of defence, width of play, or the position of the front line – can be altered to match those of a favoured club: Juventus Turin are a dangerous side on the counter-attack, for instance, while FC Barcelona use width in their attack. These formulations can be altered at any point, too, with Home and Away matches forcing different circumstances on the user, as does the rigours of a Master League season."

* Enhanced Online: "A new dedicated section of the Tokyo team is committed to improving the online side of PES 2010. More downloadable content is also planned. Konami has supported PES 2009 with the release of new licensed teams, transfer updates, etc, and this support will grow for PES 2010. Team and content updates are planned throughout the game's lifespan. These will make the game even more bespoke to the player's match day needs."
* Match-Day Atmosphere: "Crowd reactions to the on-field action are now more varied, with all new chants and cheers. The subtle difference between Home and Away matches will be reproduced, and the crowd will react spontaneously to specific situations in a game, showing their disdain or pleasure as fouls are committed and goals scored. Likewise, the commentary has been altered to offer a fresher, more concise overview of the game."

* Penalties: "An all-new system has been implemented, offering greater control, placing and accuracy."

* Exclusive Europa League License: "Konami has strengthened its relationship with UEFA and can announce it has secured the exclusive video game rights for the Europa League Licence (formerly known as the UEFA Cup). In addition Konami will be enhancing and developing the use of the UEFA Champions League within PES 2010 to make even better use of the best club football competition in the world."

Primele Imagini

Messi Offical Motion Capturing:

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PES 2010: Messi fronts exclusive E3 trailer

Konami showcases new visual enhancements and gameplay elements in exclusive footage premiering at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009

Argentina and FC Barcelona maestro Lionel Messi stars in an all-new trailer as Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH showcases the first incredible footage from its forthcoming PES 2010 title at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.

Every element of PES 2010 is being transformed and improved, as Konami strives to create the most realistic football simulation available. The trailer will be shown for the first time during the June 2nd-4th event in Los Angeles, and is designed to show off the stunning new graphics of PES 2010. The new trailer serves to detail the huge advances the new game enjoys, and major advancements in how it plays.

PES 2010’s new visual realism brings the beautiful game to vivid life, with unique skin textures for individual players, and a level of detail that allows users to see the different weaves used in the various kits, their animated faces, and even the hairs on their arms! The game also boasts an all-new dynamic lighting system, wherein shadows are cast in real-time, creating a photo-realistic look to the new game.

At the centre of PES 2010, however, is an amazingly close representation of the pace and skill of top-level football. The PES Productions team has worked to recreate the pace and tactical approach of a top-flight game, with mature skill and vision needed to create space and scoring opportunities. No longer can users score soft goals via overly-familiar means, instead PES 2010 counters such play and constantly forces the user to spread the ball around as they would in a real match.

To this end, an all-new tactical system has been implemented. A new ‘Power Gauge’ system features an easy-to-use sliding bar system with several categories; half for defence, and the others for attacking play. These allow users to change their overall style of play with ease, and adopt strategies related to support for the player in possession, the space players leave each other, how often players change position, and the pressure put on the opposition when they have the ball.

The new footage focuses on PES 2010 cover star, Messi, who fronts the new game having enjoyed an amazingly successful season at FC Barcelona. Fresh from the UEFA Champions League final – football’s premier cup competition and exclusively featured in PES 2010 – the trailer also shows some of the many individual skills the new game attributes to specific players.

“I am both a professional footballer and a huge PES fan, and am delighted to again be the front man for such an incredible football title as PES 2010,” commented Messi. “Although it has been a successful one, it has been a long and hard season, and I am looking forward to getting to grips with PES 2010 before the real thing starts again this year!”



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Konami a anuntat al doilea jucator care va fi pe coperta, nimeni altul decat Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres signs for PES 2010

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced that Liverpool FC and Spanish international striker Fernando Torres is to join Lionel Messi as the cover stars of PES 2010.

Deasemenea, Konami a mai anuntat alte detalii cheie ale jocului...

* Enhanced Realism: PES 2010 delivers a pace of game in tune with football played at the highest level. Triangulation of passes and use of off-the-ball runs are key to breaking down the opposition, forcing the player to use the strengths of their team mates to create scoring opportunities. Gone are ‘soft’ goals that can be used to break the deadlock; instead, only working the channels and the precision play expected of great players will make a difference.

* Player Characteristics: Key skills of the many players have now been attributed names, allowing users to incorporate them into their play strategy. Cover star Torres, for instance, is renowned for his ability to receive a pass in the penalty area, and to drop the ball to a teammate in a good position for a goal-scoring opportunity. As such, he is labeled a ‘Fox in the Box’ and Goal Poacher’, in line with his prowess in both scoring and setting up goals. Player characteristics are more vividly reproduced by these names.

* Instant Tactical Switching: Konami has already unveiled its new tactical bar system related to PES 2010’s attacking and defensive elements, but can now reveal additional information. Each team has unique settings matching their real-life playing styles. Torres at Liverpool, for instance, will recreate the Merseyside club’s sophisticated play and high numbers in attack, their pressing from midfield, strong defensive line, and width across the pitch. For the offense, the default settings support wide attacks and the aim to move in the back of the opponent’s defense line. The user can summon the bar instantly during a match to adjust team tactics to enhance their defence or strengthen attacks.

* Master League: The Master League now incorporates both the Champions League and Europa Leagues in its content, offering a complete season for players to enjoy. Success in the Master League will see players streamed into these competitions. The lure of European football can also be used to attract stronger players to your side, with transfer dealings and contracts now significantly more realistic in their use.

* Commentary: PES 2010 reunites Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson in the game’s virtual commentary box, but in a more effective way than before. The commentary is now more tied to the action, with comments detailing player ability, significant match history and analysis, within a more concise and detailed delivery designed to mimic the presentation of games.
... Precum si cateva poze noi:

NEW Leaked Image of Torres and Messi

De cateva zile a aparut o poza noua, neoficiala, dar care se pare a fi din PES 2010. Echipa a cautat sursa acestei imagini si a gasit-o pe un site al celor de la Konami.

Puteti accesa site-ul aici:

Iar imaginea este aceasta (nu exista o rezolutie mai mare)

In aceasta imagine ii puteam vedea pe "protagonistii" jocului, dar si un detaliu foarte important: un nou stadion Anfield Road.


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Pare foarte promitator, de abia astept sa apara un gameplay video sau poate chiar un demo
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KitKat is an unknown quantity at this point

Si uite ca vin si eu cu un film care se potriveste foarte bine cu topicul : [
Nu cred ca mai are rost nicio prezentare.
Va dati seama ce si cum.

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pana acum PES 10 pare promitator demoul jocului ne va lamuri in privinta gampelay-ului,grafici si ne va face sa ne cream o parere.jocul full cred k o sa dea lovitura anu asta mai ales pe PC pe console nu se compara cu fifa dar nu se stie niciodata
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KitKat is an unknown quantity at this point

Supposed details regarding the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 title have been leaked from a recent playtest in Europe.


Brand new motion captured animation sets for all areas such as running, passing, shooting, tackling, goalkeeping etc. Even the ball and nets have been motion captured to enhance the realism of the new title.

Player movement is one of the biggest fundamental changes the gameplay formula this year. PES 2010 now incorporates 360 degree movement for the players allowing greater control than ever before. 360 degree movement had been tested before, but due to time constraints, a smaller development team and the previous animation set it was very hard to incorporate.

Off the ball movement is much better now. Players make better off the ball runs into open space when attacking, and backtrack into key defensive zone positions. All of this can be initiated by a push of the button. Similar to the Wii in this respect. Can also be done during set pieces.

Substitutes on the bench now actually look like your selected substitutes. No longer randomly generated characters. Also have a nice warm up animation on the sideline before coming on.

Invisible wall for throw-ins has now gone.

Manual passing now has an option to be used on the X/A button instead of the right analog stick.

Due to the game incorporating 360 degree control the analog stick will be the only option of player movement. The new advanced on-the-fly tactics system will now be done on the d-pad. One of the biggest changes to the game ever.

Game speed is slower and more realistic.


Graphics have been completely redone. Lighting is fantastic both during daytime, dusk and night. Kits show the different styles of fabric. Grass is better looking. Stadiums offer far more detail and the crowd now move far more and are extremely vocal.

Sweat can be seen on players as the match progresses. In rain matches kits get wet and dirty.

Easily the best looking PES ever.

Master League:

Now incorporates both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League fully.

As a result divisions are now country by country and have a better structure. Would not have made sense to have pan-European leagues as its the same as the cups then.

Real currency is now used.

Transfer system has been improved as well as other areas however it was not seen due to the build being only 55% complete.

It is unknown if the UEFA Super Cup is in or not.

Edit Mode:

Not much is known. More slots for new teams, jpeg photos for kits and chant files. Boot editor is back.


Online has been worked on extensively. Using PES 6 system as its foundation and built upon greatly.

New lobby system.

No Konami ID login.

Better matchmaking, and easier to play with friends.

2v2 is in. Playing with more than 2v2 is highlighted. Possibility for 10v10 perhaps. Will be revealed by Konami later.

PES Shop is back along with classic teams, players and World XI and Europe XI.

Other game modes to be discussed later. BAL and Legends mode has been worked on. Will be show in the near future.

More stadiums than ever before. Anfield is now licensed.

More licensed teams and leagues than before incorporating more South American, Asian and African teams also.

No more sandbags on goals and new goalkeeper gloves.
Sursa: (nu e reclama)

Daca toate astea sunt adevarate, as putea spune "King is returned".
As baga mana in foc si as zice ca PES 2010 ar fi la nivelul variantei NG a FIFA 10, dar atat timp cat nu avem confirmarea nu pot da un verdict (nici asa n-as putea), deci mai trebuie sa asteptam.
Cat despre PC.Consider ca situatia va fi incheiata pe 15 Iulie, chiar nu cred ce ar mai putea face EA-ul daca jocul va fi din nou Current-Gen cu ceva schimari in engine-ul vechi (macar mai schimba ceva prin motorul jocului, nu doar "environmentul").
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KitKat is an unknown quantity at this point


* Overally slower game (faster than FIFA 09 though)
* Less time on the ball, means more passing-based game
* Lofted and flat through-passes are not really powerfull if you don't have a really good passer, like Xavi or Fabregas for example
* Much better keepers
* Better response time on the ball
* New penalty system (based on Wii version)
* Penalties and freekicks more "analogue"
* New tacticts system using sliders from 0-100 (support range, compactness, defensive line, pressing, attacking style, defensive strategy)
* Players flood the area depending on the player who's at the wing (i.e. good crosser will cause more players entering the area)
* Defenders can be zoned individually or instructed to push on
* More balanced referees and better use of the advantage rule


* Some new animations (e.g. stop/accelerate for certain players)
* More ways of chesting, trapping and quick-turns (e.g. 180° turns)
* Many animations still to be built-in (e.g. Messi's Mo-Caps)


* New dynamic lightning system
* Crowds in full-3D
* Player comparisons between PES 2009 and 2010 show much improvement


* Use PES 6 online system as base and tweaked it
* Online updates for transfer updates
* Champions League playable online
* No more use of "Konami ID"
* Hosted on Sony servers (PS 3)


* Bundesliga fully licenced
* Primera Division is fully licenced again
* All qualified Europa League teams licenced
* Manchester United and Liverpool are the 2 EPL teams again
* French, Dutch and Italian leagues fully licencend
* Some more surprises to come


* Possibility to untuck/tuck shirts in Edit Mode
* Same commentary, but more scripts
* No more PES points but real currency in Master League (ML)
* Become A Legend (BAL) players can be used in ML
* Champions League and Europa League are implemented into BAL and ML
* More awards in BAL
* New card system instead of current "Special Abilities"
* No visible loading times
* Ability to auto-select starting-11 by condition, ability and balance
* Lots of new player-specific goal celebrations
* Many new stadiums, with Anfield already being confirmed


* No more auto-sliding and auto-shooting
* No more freezing after freekicks and penalties
* No more "simple-settings" in the formation settings (now with sliders, read above)

Additional info:

* Build was at 50%
* Only Liverpool and Barca to choose
* PSM3 played 3 games until they scored their first goal (against "normal" difficulty)

Si ceva detalii de pe PSM3 si cateva poze mai mici (care se si maresc).
Arata excelent, ce nu-mi place, e ca poarta e la fel, e asa "cazuta", era mai bine ca in FIFA.
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lucian has a little shameless behaviour in the past

cand apare jocul?
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Game Details for PES 2010

Published by: Konami

Developed by: Konami

Genre: Sports
Release Date:
US: November 2009
Europe: Q3 2009
Australia: Q3 2009
Also Available On: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Wireless, Wii
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