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Originally Posted by timisica_cristian View Post
Au aparut primele detalii oficiale ale jocului, care va aparea peste aproximativ 3 luni( can't wait) :

- Visible referee, linesman, staff and dugouts.

For the first time in the FIFA series referees, linesmen, subs
and ground staff are all visible. All have distinct animations such as subs warming up for their arrival.

- Weather options and pitch affects.

FIFA 09 now includes weather options such as rain and snow
which change conditions during the games progression. In addition the pitch is now affected and becomes more worn during wet matches and slide tackles.

- Increased number of teams and stadiums.

As the same during every release FIFA 09 will increase the number of licensed club and international teams as well as their official corresponding stadiums.

- Changes to Be A Pro and Manager Mode.

FIFA 09 will bring new changes to Be A Pro and Manager Mode such as camera angles and enhanced options.

- Enhanced online modes.

FIFA was the first football game to allow up to 5vs5 online and now this is taken up a gear with full 10vs10 online. Matches now have options for simple 1 player matches, 2vs2, 5vs5 and 10vs10 online games.

- Interactive Celebrations.

As seen in UEFA Euro 2008, interactive celebrations will be incorporated into FIFA 09.

- Greatly improved edit mode.

Edit mode has now been changed to incorporate a wealth of new options. FIFA 09 is set to become the ultimate football simulation. New previews will be released along with first screenshots by the end of June 2008.

-Improved Artificial Intelligence system.

AI systems have been recoded and act far more realistically. AI now take actions based on the score and change formation as appropriate. Attacking and defensive measures are used as well as risk assessment.

- Advanced tactics editor.
Attacking and defensive styles as well as changes to formation can now be changed on the fly. Risks can be chosen as well as new changes to set pieces.

- Less loading.

FIFA is now more streamlined and more efficient and as a result there is less pause and play due to the fewer loading screens.
-Improved physics system.

FIFA 09 has an improved physics system which affects both players and the football itself allowing for beautiful, powerful and devastating shots and unprecedented levels of realism during a match.

- Improved animation system.

The brilliant animation system seen in FIFA 08 is improved upon to include hundreds of new animations for players that further add to the simulation feel of the game.

- New player faces.

3D player modeling is vastly improved and now offers unbelievable similarities to the real life counterparts.

- Increased response times and game speed.

Player response times have been increased to increase the flow of the game as in real life, while game speed has been tweaked from FIFA 08.

-Improved graphics, lighting, textures and crowd.

Overall graphics have been improved upon once again. Lighting changes in real-time depending on the time of the match. Crowds in the stadium have been redeveloped for the new entry.

- Player height and weight.

Player weight and height plays a crucial role in aspects such as aerial challenging and strength on the ground.

- Better free-kicks

- Improved player transfers

- More stadiums


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Originally Posted by timisica_cristian View Post
Acum fac triplu post si, din nou, imi cer scuze
Alte poze:

Sigur nu ai gresit ? Nu ca nu mi-as dori , dar o sa arate FIFA mai bine pe PC decat pe PS2 ? Oricum , daca FIFA o sa arate ca in pozele alea si daca tot ce ai scris acolo e adevarat inseamna ca FIFA o sa fie un super joc.
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